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Research and Development

We never tire of expanding our horizons.


The courage to innovate

Our Research and Development Department is the very heart of Arneg Korea.
This is where ideas are turned into solutions.
This is where Arneg Korea R&D cultivates close links with leading international universities and research centres.

Our mission is to contribute actively to scientific research in the field of commercial refrigeration while continuing to satisfy the needs of the market. By working closely with our customers, we develop exactly the right products for their needs and also offer all the reliability of an established industrial manufacturer.

Our commitment

Research and design

Analysis and measuremet

The construction of protorypes

Laboratory testing

The development of new technologies


All this is only possible thanks to the passion of our team of researchers – a team of true professionals who are constantly exploring everything from design to latest-generation technologies. Thanks to their dedication, Arneg Korea can guarantee products that conform to the strictest standards and can overcome the toughest of challenges – environmental protection for a start.

Follow the direction pursued by our research