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Arneg Korea, Selected as the best company of the '2023 National Service Awards'

Arneg Korea announced on the 29th that it was selected as the best company in the refrigeration solutions sector at the "2023 National Service Awards" ceremony held at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul.

The National Service Award is organized by the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) and sponsored by the Korean government. It is an award for companies and/or organizations that have received significant importance and satisfaction for consumers in their respective sectors over a period of one year. This award selects only the best companies, based on a comprehensive assessment of their competitiveness, vision, industrial and social contributions, and operational performance. Arneg Korea was selected as the award-winning company for providing consumers with excellent products and services through innovative technology, products, and creative solutions in the refrigeration and freezing equipment field.

This award is a recognition of Arneg Korea's continuous efforts and achievements, and it can be seen as a solid proof of their competitiveness, vision, and innovative thinking. Furthermore, through this award, Arneg Korea has further solidified its position as a company recognized for the excellence of its products and service quality.

An Arneg Korea representative stated, "We are delighted to be recognized for our products and values through the 2023 National Service Awards. We will continue to do our best to provide differentiated products and services that reflect the voices of consumers." They further added, "Arneg Korea is currently building a sustainable business model and constantly developing and producing high-efficiency, eco-friendly products to minimize negative impacts on the environment. We will do our best to fulfill the company's public interest and social responsibilities."