New concept premium cabinet to attract the attention

Arneg Korea expands the premium café & bakery line with new model Wando2, island and semi-vertical cabinets available in both plug-in and remote type. Wando2 with all glass construction ensures a perfect view from all around the store and captivate customers. Joining the typical features of semi-vertical refrigerated counters and islands to create a completely new type of premium cabinet, can be placed right in the middle of a store by multiplexing with head-case or for head-case to stand alone against the wall. Brighter and energy efficient LED light illuminates every corners of cabinet and highlights the presentation of goods displayed


• Simply attractive and characteristic design for great visual merchandising

• Total material transparency and complete absence of shadow zones.

• Great durability with all tempered glass construction 

Seamless integration with head-case.

• Easy matching and multiplexing.

Maximum adaptability with full line-up configuration