Arneg Korea, Toward zero carbon

Arneg Korea, Selected as a new facility for ‘E-efficiency Creation Project’

Arneg Korea’s commercial inverter refrigeration/freezing system was designated as a new facility in the ‘2022 Energy Efficiency Market Creation Project’ promoted by the Korea Energy Agency.

Accordingly, workplaces that are newly replaced with refrigeration/freezing inverter refrigerators to which Arneg Korea's vapor injection (vapor injection) technology is applied can receive up to 200 million won in government subsidies.

The energy efficiency market creation project is a project that leads the creation of the energy efficiency market by supporting the installation, operation, and measurement of savings in efficiency improvement facilities and systems with excellent power demand reduction effects.


The target of support is for industrial, general, educational, small and medium-sized business sites and non-profit corporations, and replaces equipment with high energy efficiency for facilities of SMEs and small business owners who have difficulty improving energy efficiency.


Arneg Korea provides a commercial inverter refrigeration/freezing system and a refrigeration/freezing showcase anti-condensation control system to improve energy efficiency. In addition, by applying steam injection technology for the first time to domestic refrigeration and refrigeration inverter refrigerators, it supports flexibly adjusting the operating range and speed of the refrigerator according to the refrigeration and refrigeration load.

Through this, the average annual power consumption is reduced by about 30-50% compared to the existing constant-speed type, and the power consumption is reduced by about 15-20% compared to other inverter refrigerators.

In addition, by applying the optimal discharge gas temperature control algorithm, it is possible to ensure stable operation of the compressor even when the outdoor temperature rises in summer, improving energy efficiency and maintaining food safety at all times.


In addition, the refrigeration/freezing showcase anti-condensation control system controls the door heater, which is always running, to be operated only when necessary, thereby reducing the operating time of the refrigerator by minimizing the amount of heat generated by the heater and reducing the refrigeration load.


When replacing about 450,000 constant-speed chillers in use in alley supermarkets and farmhouse cold storages with inverter chillers, it is a step toward carbon neutrality by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide generated by 2.0Mt, the same as planting about 400 million pine trees a year.


Convenience stores across the country are currently promoting energy savings by replacing existing constant-speed refrigerators with 100% inverter refrigerators and installing new ones, and Through this energy efficiency market creation project, it is expected that it will be possible to accelerate the conversion of cold chain to eco-friendly environment by supplying and replacing high-efficiency inverter refrigerators to small businesses and farms.


Arneg Korea is leading the high efficiency of inverter refrigerators by applying steam injection technology to refrigeration and freezing inverter refrigerators for the first time in Korea, and is actively addressing global warming by applying CO₂ refrigerant, a natural refrigerant, to distribution stores for the first time in Korea.