Arneg Korea, presenting the premium refrigeration showcases line at CAFÉ&BAKERY FAIR 2020

Arneg Korea participated Café&Bakery Fair 2020, one of major coffee trade show in Korea, for 19-22 November in Korea and presented the new lines of plug-in cabinet, which are mainly focused and designed for bakery, confectionery and beverage refrigeration and display.

The European-style booth built under the slogan of 'REFRIGERATION WITH STYLE' seduced lots of visitors and helped the visitors to imagine what they want for their new store and how to plan and build it.

The premium refrigeration showcases presented at Arneg Korea booth are


SANDWICH - Self-service showcase for Grap&Go,

COLOMBO - Vertical multi-deck showcase with modern and sophisticated look

KIMPO3 - The functional bakery showcase with slim and minimal line

TIFFANY3 - The ideal model to display the multiple beverages, delicatessen, and dessert with the classical European curved design

BELGRADO- Multi-functional showcase that has many temperatures and front-side structure.

PANINI – Serve-over dessert showcase

MACARON - The dessert showcase specially for sweetcakes and confectionery

WANDO2 – The premium modular showcase

SEOSAN – The vertical showcase for the hydroponics farming


Thanks to all the guests that visited Arneg Korea at Café&Bakery Fair 2020.


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