Our policy

A. Management Philosophy

  • We value technology and employees with creative idea and aim at satisfy customers through offering advanced products and services


B. Management Policy

  • Company operations split into 5 major business areas.
  • Strengthen our business relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, growing together to be the industry market leaders.
  • Become the number 1 player in terms of market share in the commercial refrigeration industry.


C. 5 business area

Based on innovative technology and successful experience, Arneg Korea provides new value and convenience to customers continuously.

  • Supermarket Biz : System S/C, Storage, Display furnishings
  • Plug-in Biz : Ice-cream, Bakery S/C, Reach-in chillers
  • Component Sales Biz : Cold room, Refrigerating and conditioning system , Large storage, Panel, Door, CA storage.
  • Service Biz : A/S Service, Maintenance, Interior
  • Refrigeration Plant Biz : Compressor, MD part sales


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