About us

Welcome to Arneg Korea!

Arneg Korea was established in 1999 as a joint venture between Arneg S.p.A and Samsung Electronics. Arneg S.p.A. is a highly reputed Italian showcase manufacturer founded in the 1960s in the heart of Veneto region, famous for its industrial development and its ancient traditions of international trade.

Since 1963, Arneg has been providing innovative products for preserving and displaying fresh food. Today, Arneg Group is a world leader in manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing refrigeration equipment and system to customers through branches in 22 countries.

Arneg Korea offers high quality products of elegant and sophisticate design. Arneg Korea has the capacity to diversify each product's functions and outward shape according to customer’s needs.

Continuous technology innovation has a dominant role in policies of continuous improvement of Arneg Korea. Flexible and integrated refrigeration technology makes it easy for Arneg Korea to adapt its business in response to changing market and outperform the competition.


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